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Water Bags

Depending upon where you are in the world, and who you are speaking to, there are many different philosophies as to how to go about testing critical weight-bearing structures such as cranes, davits and lifeboats.

In those places where HSE is still lax, such load testing is unregulated and therefore often not undertaken. In other parts of the world, such work is undertaken but via the use of bulky and often un-calibrated test weights made of materials such as concrete or steel. However an increasing number of people are now, either through compulsion via local regulation or through a height ended awareness of the safety and insurance implications of not carrying out such work to a recognized standard, insisting upon regular test and certification regimes. And where this is happening, then the quality and flexibility of Water-filled bags range is becoming increasingly in demand.

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) document 051 is generally seen as the industry standard for such water bags. Users who are looking to comply with their guidelines should therefore ensure that their water bag manufacturers have complied with the key elements of these LEEA recommendations.

Our wide range of Water bags are available for hire…

    What is the benefit of using water bags?
  • Easy to pack rather than packed.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Faster filling saves time and money
  • Fast draining saves more time and money
  • Easy To handle during operation.
Load Cells

RSE is providing solutions for complicated load test,RSE has a wide range of calibrated load cells allowing for anaccuracy of +/-1%.
Radio link load cell allows the operator to perform load test at a safe distance and generate real time test certificates on site, it is easy to see why, and the radio link is number one choice for weighing and dynamic load monitoring in critical lift planning and execution.

Hydraulic Jack kit

RSE provides solution for testing pad eyes using Hydraulic Hollow cylinder Jack kit with range up to 50 ton.