Lifting Inspection Services

Lifting Inspection Services

RSE uses experienced LEEA trained inspectors to conduct the lifting equipment surveys. RSE make sure that our inspectors are fully competent and are up to date with the code of practice and latest recommended practices through the periodically internal and external training.
RSE Lifting Services can inspect, test and certify all types of lifting appliances at client locations.
Proof Load Testing is carried out by competent inspectors who, in addition to being LEEA /NSL approved, are certified to ASNT Level II in MT(MPI) / ET.

RSE inspectors can inspect lifting gears from the largest cranes to the smallest shackles and slings,

LEEA Team Card

RSE Lifting Inspection Services has adopted the LEEA Team Card Initiative. All of our inspectors conducting lifting equipment surveys carry a Team Card with them displaying their qualification levels.

Cranes Proof Load Test

RSE Lifting Services owns awide range of Water-filled bags for crane load testing. By combining different capacities and specially designed spreaders, any load can be applied. The Water-filled bags can be used to load test offshore cranes including pedestal cranes, gantry cranes and BOP hoists. The Water-filled bags can be filled and emptied in a controlled and gradual manner.

Offshore container certification

RSE Lifting Services can inspect offshore containers and their associated lifting sets according to BS EN 12079 and DNV 2.7-1 standards.
Offshore containers come in many different forms from freight containers to gas cylinder racks. Our inspectors are trained to recognize the different types of offshore containers and inspect them according to BS EN 12079 and DNV 2.7-1.

RSE Lifting Services conducts a full range of load testing services on offshore containers at our workshop or at other locations if required.

Pad eyes Proof Load Test

RSE Lifting Services can load test padeyes using our hydraulic jacking kits.

Rope access Inspection Services

RSE provides rope access inspection services through a third party. Rope access is a safe, effective and fast way to reach inaccessible areas without having to erect scaffolding and can eliminate unnecessary downtime to conduct visual inspections and other Non-destructive testing (NDT).