Steel Fabrication Services

What should you know?

Standard dry freight shipping containers are used for multiple purposes ranging from international trade to domestic on-site storage

On the right are merely the most frequently used dry freight containers. For more details on our full container range download our product listing below.

RSE can fabricate various type of standard & custom build Cargo Carrying Units (CCU’s) like Offshore Containers, Baskets, Gas Cylinder Racks, Skips, Camps,…etc. at our fabrication facility to meet different requirements owners might have.

RSE one of the pioneers for Camp Building, Mud Tank System, offshore containers, other offshore products and other Steel Fabrication products.

RSE can make custom steel containers for use in a variety of industries including offshore, oil, petrochemical, recycling and waste management, construction, materials handling, food and any application that requires the use of a steel container. We’re proud to serve a range of customers, from local authorities to multinational organizations.

RSE make sure that we limit the effect that our business activities have on the environment. The high quality steel we use to make our containers can be easily recycled and therefore it impacts less upon the environment. We’re proud to be good value for our customers and the environment.

RSE has an edge over others, as we are able to offer total solution from designing to fabrication, completed 100% in our own manufacturing facilities. With our capabilities to offer full range of services, we deliver cost-effective and high quality offshore products which never fail to exceed customers’ expectations.

Our offshore containers and modules used globally are designed, manufactured and certified to internationally recognized standard.


Steel Fabrication/Services

Camp Modular Sales

RSE has over 5 years’ experience in trading both new and used Camp modular globally.
With our global footprint we are able to supply large volumes of all types of modular and offer them at competitive prices.

Equipment types included in our product range are as follows:

Accommodation modular units

Office modular unit

Converted Containers

Specialized Equipment

Off-shore Containers

Offshore Cargo Basket

International Camp Modular Leasing

RSE provides a full range of accurately administered flexible leasing solutions working with a worldwide network of agents to provide a service personalized to specific requirements.

Our technical knowledge ensures that we maintain prescribed industry standards promoting equipment quality and interchange efficiency.

With RSE’s ongoing new build program ensuring availability of new equipment and contributing to costs savings to the Lessee, we are well positioned to service all container leasing requirements.

In addition to standard marine cargo containers RSE provides DNV 2.7-1 or British standard upon the client request certified off-shore containers to supply the off-shore oil and gas industry as well as dangerous goods containers for more specialized cargo requirements.

Domestic Camp modular Leasing

RSE provides a domestic leasing solution to customers requiring containers and or Camp modular for static storage or inland transportation serving internal markets offering a wide range of equipment including open top containers, standard containers and other specialized equipment, through a network of depots available at short notice.

Although modular unit’s sales and leasing is our core business, drawing on our industry knowledge, global network and integrated systems we have expanded our services to include partnering with container owners providing the following solutions:

New Build Procurement including delivery

Projects and Turnkey Solutions

    • Complete Camp Designs
    • Installation & Commissioning of Camps
    • Catering, Maintenance & Operations

Steel Modular Caravan:

  • Our workshops offer a wide variety of finishes from basic internal and external painting to complete insulation and furniture fitment.
  • Modular can be used as: Sleeper unit, Office, Kitchen, Mess hall, Bathroom, Recreation room, Mosque, Gym, etc…

Sandwich Panel Caravan

Converted Unit:

  • Offshore Conversions and custom units
  • RSE convert offshore containers and are able to supply custom units according to your specific requirements.

Frac Tanks & TCP/DHT Workshop

Frac Tank– 500bbl oilfield frac

• RSE is a professional manufacturer and exporter of special tanks. RSE is also able to install pumps equipment, instrumentation and parts. Frac Tank is one of our current popular and routine products. Our FRAC Tanks are specially designed for oilfield, construction, Desert etc…

TCP/DHT Workshop

• RSE offers to Design, Fabricate and Supply of standard 40 ft container converted into TCP/DST Container with four lifting pad eyes,

• We can deliver standard products or fully customized products to adhere to the standards our customers require. Please contact one of our sales representatives to see how we can assist you with your standard or custom application.

Off-shore Containers

Interior Dimension
Exterior Dimension
Tare Weight

Mini Dry Container

L: 1.482 mm
W: 1.748 mm
H: 2.194 mm

L: 1.684 mm
W: 1.948 mm
H: 2.636 mm



10ft Dry Container
L: 2.932 mm
W: 2.284 mm
H: 2.230 mm

L: 3.132 mm
W: 2.486 mm
H: 2.591 mm



20ft Dry Container
L: 5.866 mm
W: 2.242 mm
H: 2.230 mm

L: 6.058 mm
W: 2.438 mm
H: 2.591 mm



10ft Open Top with side door
L: 2.848 mm
W: 2.238 mm
H: 1.250 mm

L: 3.096 mm
W: 2.486 mm
H: 1.615 mm



20ft Open Top
L: 5.866 mm
W: 2.242 mm
H: 2.230 mm

L: 6.058 mm
W: 2.438 mm
H: 2.591 mm

3,130 kg


20ft Half Height Open Top
L: 5.864 mm
W: 2.201 mm
H: 945 mm

L: 6.058 mm
W: 2.438 mm
H: 1.280 mm

2,380 kg


Mud skip
L: 1.642 mm
W: 1.522 mm
H: 1.090 mm

L: 1.948 mm
W: 1.778 mm
H: 1.450 mm

1,000 kg

5,000 kg

8ft Cargo Basket
L: 2.190 mm
W: 972 mm
H: 806 mm

L: 2.438 mm
W: 1.220 mm
H: 1.100 mm


5,000 kg

16’ Cargo Basket
L: 4.628 mm
W: 972 mm
H: 778 mm

L: 4.876 mm
W: 1.220 mm
H: 1.100 mm

1,210 kg

7,000 kg

40’ Cargo Basket
L: 11.760 mm
W: 972 mm
H: 778 mm

L: 12.00 mm
W: 1.220 mm
H: 1.100 mm

2,590 kg


Cutting Skip
L: 2.011 mm
W: 1.732 mm
H: 800 mm

L: 2.335 mm
W: 1.958 mm
H: 1.183 mm

1,500 kg

8,500 kg